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31 January 2021. pp. 46-55
An J.H., S.H. Jeon, M.H. Lee, D.C. Jang, E.Y. Choi, J.K. Na, and K.Y. Choi. 2021. Effect of irrigation starting point of soil using tensiometer on growth and water use of cucumber in greenhouse. J. Korea Soc. Hort. Sci (in pressing, in Korean).
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  • Publisher :The Korean Society for Bio-Environment Control
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  • Journal Title :Journal of Bio-Environment Control
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  • Volume : 30
  • No :1
  • Pages :46-55
  • Received Date : 2021-01-11
  • Revised Date : 2021-01-18
  • Accepted Date : 2021-01-19
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