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31 July 2023. pp. 249-255
Bae S.G., S.K. Choi, Y.S. Shin, I.K. Yeon, and B.S. Choi 1998, Round-frame-staking cultivation increased growth and yield of oriental melon. J Bio-Env Con 7(Suppl II):77-81. (in Korean)
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  • Publisher :The Korean Society for Bio-Environment Control
  • Publisher(Ko) :(사)한국생물환경조절학회
  • Journal Title :Journal of Bio-Environment Control
  • Journal Title(Ko) :생물환경조절학회지
  • Volume : 32
  • No :3
  • Pages :249-255
  • Received Date : 2023-06-09
  • Revised Date : 2023-07-17
  • Accepted Date : 2023-07-27
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