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30 April 2023. pp. 97-105
Alexander P., A. Arneth, R. Henry, J. Maire, S. Rabin, and M.D.A. Rounsevell 2022, High energy and fertilizer prices are more damaging than food export curtailment from Ukraine and Russia for food prices, health and the environment. Nature Food 4:84-95. doi:10.1038/s43016-022-00659-9 10.1038/s43016-022-00659-937118577
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  • Journal Title :Journal of Bio-Environment Control
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  • Volume : 32
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  • Pages :97-105
  • Received Date : 2022-12-30
  • Revised Date : 2023-02-23
  • Accepted Date : 2023-03-05