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31 January 2023. pp. 8-14
Jeong H.W., H.M. Kim, H.R. Lee, H.M. Kim, and S.J. Hwang 2020, Growth of Astragalus membranaceus during nursery period as affected by different plug tray cell size, number of seeds per cell, irrigation interval, and EC level of nutrient solution. Hortic Sci Technol 38:210-217. (in Korean) doi:10.7235/HORT.20200020
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  • Publisher :The Korean Society for Bio-Environment Control
  • Publisher(Ko) :(사)한국생물환경조절학회
  • Journal Title :Journal of Bio-Environment Control
  • Journal Title(Ko) :생물환경조절학회지
  • Volume : 32
  • No :1
  • Pages :8-14
  • Received Date : 2022-08-10
  • Revised Date : 2023-01-05
  • Accepted Date : 2023-01-16